The Tongariro Natural History Society, Department of Conservation and the Taupo Museum engaged Tark Comunications to produce an educational DVD on Mt Ruapehu's eruptions of 1995-1996 and the subsquent preparations for and responses to the lahar of 18 March 2007.

  • More than 5000 photos were culled down to about 350
  • hours of video reduced to about 30 minutes of mainly television news footage.
  • powerpoint presentations
  • less than half the storage capacity of a DVD was used
  • suitable software had to be found to combine the multimedia elements
  • DVD is menu driven
  • the DVD designed to be graphically pleasing and easy to navigate.

Examples where you might use a CD or DVD include:

  • business reports, strategies and manuals (menu driven)

  • family records or photographs (photographs can be orgnaised into galleries)

  • video - family or business (we have the facilities to edit video)

  • a mix of music, video, photographs and documents

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The 'hub' of the DVD from

where most sections can

be reached at the click of

a button

lahar video

Video clips are broken into
chronological categories -
this one is video of lahar day

- 18 March 2007

dvd opening

Opening Screen for the DVD - click Enter and you are away!


Photos are divided into albums

View the photographs from the DVD online