comp of strategies


For government departments, councils and businesses strategies are very important documents as they lay out the projected path ahead for the next five to ten years, outlining how waypoints ahead will be reached and making it succinctly clear how situations that might arise should be handled.

Good strategies and submissions are:

  • 'clean' and colourful,
  • well designed and presented,
  • able to be easily read and understood.

This is Tark Communication's forte - see the independent comments made about the Taupo Safe Community accreditation document.

In the past two years Tark Communications has designed about 20 strategies, submission documents and other 'formal' documents. Work starts shortly on the design of the 20th annual Tongariro Journals.

SMS pages

There are times when it's fun the create a vibrant eye-catching document out of a reasonably pedestrian strategy!